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A Designer is an emerging Symbiosis of artist, coder and writer

Hi, I'm Phil! Frontend Developer & UX Designer!

Hey there, I'm Phil, also known as AntiPhil, a 28-year-old IT nerd chilling in Thuringia, Germany. I've pretty much picked up all my skills on the fly, just diving into whatever caught my eye over the years. Discovered my passion for this stuff back when I was a kid, and I'm all about turning that stuff into my bread and butter real soon! 💪

Currently, I'm sidelined from the 9 to 5 grind due to some health issues, but hey, could happen to everyone, right? I'm kicking it at this place where I can keep sharpening my skills until I'm back in action. 😎

I'm your go-to guy for frontend wizardry🌟 cozy with stacks like React, Vue, and my favorite Svelte 😍! And I'm not just stopping there; I'm diving into the backend playground too, dabbling with Tauri and getting cozy with Laravel & Sveltekit. Rust, PHP, NodeJS – you name it, I'm probably tinkering with it.

When I'm not glued to a screen, you'll find me making moves on the chessboard, headbanging to some metal tunes on concerts & festivals or just thirsting for more knowledge and adventures! 🤘

Got a project that needs some love?
Hit me up, I'm interested! 👂

Here's what's cooking in my project pot right now:

  • Revamping this rad Portfolio & Blog combo (Sveltekit & Strapi)

  • Cooking up something special with XIVData (PHP/Laravel/Svelte)

  • Crafting a slick Website for a new Client (Framer)

My Projects